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Fours - 2048 Number Puzzle Game is the most challenging 2048 number puzzle game on here! Like 2048 and Threes, like pairs of numbers must be matched to merge into one except the numbers 1 and 3. Match pairs of numbers to try to get the highest number you can, but remember the number 1 can only be paired with the number 3 and vice versa. Because of that, Fours - 2048 Puzzle is the most difficult 2048 game on here! Join the numbers and get the 2048 tile! But don't stop there! What's the highest tile you can get? 4096? 8192? What's the highest score you can get?
Fours - 2048 Puzzle Features:
- The most Difficult 2048 game here!
- Next Tile prediction
- Cool, satisfying sound effects!
- Clear font and soft UI that's easy on the eyes!
- Leaderboard
- High Score

Tired of "too easy" 2048 games? Well this one is Not easy! Download the most challenging 2048 Number Puzzle Game right now!

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