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Epoch Load Cell is a leading supplier of Weight Transducer in India. We offer a variety of transducers and sensors for a diversity of capacity parameters and are pleased to discuss niceties for any use of transducers. Our Weight Transducer is high performance pressure sensor designed especially for critical applications of pressure and other environmental conditions.

Essaedigitronics offers you the best Axle weigh bridges; considered with the best space utilization and weigh management on the spot. Many vehicles can move on and get in weighed. It can weigh loads from 1-50 tons per axle. The data management unit has built-in software that records each axle weight separately and indicates the sum total of all the axles to get gross vehicle weight.

Epoch instruments & Controls Pvt. LTD manufactures and Delears Load Cells, Industrial Weighing Systems to meet the various requirements of Process Industries.

We are the eminent weighing bridge manufacturers Ludhiana. Our ways of research and contemporary methodologies have become long term solution in weighing for many industries.

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